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Black 1930s English #200 Series Siemens Bakelite Neophone

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Black 1930s English #200 Series Siemens Bakelite Neophone
This 1930s Black sharp-cornered pyramid neophone was made in England by Siemens Brothers & Co Ltd. of Woolwich London SE18. It has  'Siemens Brothers' stamped inside of the handset. The 1930s neophone is also called a series #200 phone. They are extremely rare and collectable because of their classic shape.

The unrivalled transmission efficiency and articulation of the neophone is rendered even more effective by the addition of our new "Anti-sidetone induction coil". Under all conditions, the sidetone control of this instrument produces a very natural sound.

This model of neophone solved the difficulty of telephoning in noisy offices, engine rooms, railway stations, and factories where an ordinary telephone was almost useless.

It was used by the British Post Office (GPO), and after exhaustive practical tests had been adopted by many important electricity supply authorities, railways, traction companies, collieries etc.

Please note that this is an original phone from the 1930s, and will have some wear and tear.