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4-inch Miniature Road Level

(Code: RL-3)
4-inch Miniature Road LevelThe 4-inch road level is a smaller version of the larger one. A Road Level is also called "Dumpy Level" or "Engineering Transit Level". It is a precision instrument used by civil engineers to find the height of objects with the help of a line parallel to the horizon. The viewing telescope is 4 inches long, which gives an inverted image. This image is focused in two ways, from the side & near the eyepiece for fine adjustments. . There is a cover in the front of the telescope for added protection of the lens during transportation. The compass is below the telescope. There is a grove under the stand with threads to mount the piece on a surveyor's tripod. For precision levelling there are three adjustable screws in the base. An adjustable level on the left side level is protected by a strip cover under which is a mirror. This mirror helps reading the sprit level.

The length of the telescope is 10 cm and it stands 10.5 cm tall. It weighs 2 kg when packed for shipping and comes in a wooden presentation/ storage box. The miniature dumpy level is a very popular item. It looks very cute and attractive on an office desk.