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14-inch Large Brass Theodolite

(Code: TH-1)
14-inch Large Brass TheodoliteThis theodolite looks precisely like the ones made in the nineteenth century in England. Its design and dimensions are similar to antique theodolites. To this day, surveyors all over the world still use theodolites. Theodolites are said to be a surveyor's most important and essential friend. They are the only instruments that simultaneously measure the horizontal angles between two points and their angle of elevation. The compass in the centre has a locking device. A little lever presses down to lock the needle for safe transport when not in use. There is a groove under the stand with threads to mount the piece on a surveyor's tripod. For precision levelling there are three adjustable screws in the base and a spirit level. The two vernier scales can be read through the magnifiers. The image is viewed through an inverting telescope with a lens cover in front. The telescope has a double focusing. A side knob to get the image into focus and the screw near the eyepiece for fine adjustments.

This piece is made of solid brass and comes in its own wooden box. It weighs 9 kg and 12 kg when packed. It stands 36 cm tall and the diameter of the base is 15 cm. It's telescope is 20 cm long, and it has a triangular base with each side of the triangle 12 cm in length.